How can I, as a patient of this office, help you?

- Call and cancel your appointment if you can't make it.

- Try to check in 10 minutes before your actual appointment time.

- Plan your routine and follow-up medical care in advance.

- Before you leave ask the doctor when he/she needs to see you next.

- Please help us to keep our records up to date by informing us of any changes. This will assist us in processing our records efficiently.

- Please remember that for the doctor to do a proper assessment they have to see and examine the area of your symptoms.  Is is helpful if you can either wear clothing that allows the physician to examine the area, or be prepared to change into a gown so that an examination can be completed.  For example, if you have concerns about knee pain, it is helpful to wear sweatpants that can go up above your knee.  It is helpful to remove your shoes and socks for foot examinations.  Preparing in advance in this way allows the physician to maximize the time that they have to properly assess you.